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Unreal Engine Developer

  • icon-marker Created with Sketch. Actief in Utrecht
  • icon-clock Created with Sketch. Full-time, Part-time
  • Degree in Informatics, Computer Science or related discipline
  • 3+ years of programming skills for Unreal Engine
  • Experienced working in an Agile/Scrum-focused organization
  • Strong C++ Unreal Engine (plugin development) skills
  • Experienced with source control
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; comfortable with translating technical problems to non-technical audiences
  • Optional: experience with Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming
  • A lot of passion for the future of gaming / metaverse
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. €4.000 - €6.000
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. 32-40 hours per week
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. 25 days off
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Laptop and telephone, mobility allowance and ability to work remotely
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Unlimited budget for education
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. ability to have pension paid out in tokens
  • 55% Programming
  • 20% Research
  • 20% Party in the metaverse
  • 5% Meetings
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About the position

Do you want to take the red pill? Are you an Unreal Engine Developer that will make impact with your 3+ years of technical skills? Good! Then this application is just for you.

As an Unreal Engine Developer you will help develop our Unreal Engine SDK (plugin). This enables artists to easily create and export their Unreal Engine creations to the Your Open Metaverse platform.
You will build reusable components for the inventory system, you define and create functions that are callable by blueprints, and a scalable multiplayer system.

  1. 1 You’ll work with the technical artist and other teams
  2. 2 You’ll test, debug and create reusable code
  3. 3 You’ll research new solutions with state of art web3 technologies
“You are a good fit for our team if you have solid programming skills, learn new things quickly, and enjoy working together in a dynamic environment.”


Product Owner



Environment Artist
09:00 09:15
Planning session
10:00 12:00
09:00 09:15
09:00 09:15
Brainstorm session with DevOps
15:00 16:00
09:00 09:15
09:00 09:15
Metaverse tech demo
15:00 16:00
Drinks with the team
16:00 17:00

Case example

Each Sprint we pick up a number of Backlog items and divide the work based on who can do what in terms of skills and who likes to do what. An example could be the creation of an Unreal Engine plugin which make it possible for 3rd party developers to export metaspaces directly to our platform. How do we realize this?

Growth opportunities

We are a start-up, so there are a lot of possibilities for both broadening and deepening. In addition, we work with highly innovative techniques that are continuously improving (Web3, Solana blockchain, Unreal Engine), so you will grow with the technology. We like entrepreneurship: if you want to take on a new role or responsibility, space will be made available. 

Working at Your Open Metaverse

Your Open Metaverse is a digital platform where developers can create their own metaspaces and experiences in Unreal Engine and publish these live to any website or channel.
Customers can visit live performances in dynamic virtual worlds with friends and collect exclusive branded wearables for their customizable avatars. Blockchain technology will safeguard every user and brand’s data. 

We now work with amazing brands and continue to grow. So we need you to help make our platform even bigger and better. You will be joining a team with ICT professionals who are passionate about gaming and blockchains. 

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“If you love using cutting edge technology to help build the future of the internet as it unfolds, you’re in the right place!”


Product Owner
Active in the Netherlands, Dubai and Switzerland
Founded in 2020
icon-marker-2 Created with Sketch. Headquarters located in Utrecht
16 employees working
icon-age Created with Sketch. Average age is 28
icon-sex Created with Sketch. 80% male/ 20% female


Daniël Founder a.k.a. Mr. Fox

Why did you start YOM?

In 2013 I came with the idea of using a game engine for your presentations instead of 2D slides. For years I’ve tried to create a 3D presentation tool called Xplane and to get traction and funding with that. Ultimately with the help of Jorrit and later Alex Xplane became Beemup, and after 1,5 years of grinding with Beemup, we started building towards Your Open Metaverse.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Swimming, watching YouTube, reading stuff on self development and spirituality, watching movies, walks in nature, hanging out with friends.

Arthur Environment Artist

Why did you start working at YOM?

I started working here because the position was a perfect fit for my specialty and interests namely, game environments and crypto.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my free time I like to keep up with the latest developments in AI, especially in relation to computer graphics. I also enjoy making all kinds of music and can often be seen on a skateboard.

Aragorn Lord of the Metaverse

Why did you start working at YOM?

Cause it’s what I was born for. I’ve dreamed of the Metaverse since I was a kid and now I’m part of building and shaping it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Gaming, Crossfit, Go Hiking, Sports, Beer, Books. I’m easy, I like almost everything as long as it’s not boring.

Nikola Marketing & Community

Why did you start working at YOM?

Inspired by the web 3.0 space, eager to understand what it takes to build a metaverse and, build community and realize the possibilities of virtual reality.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play football, going to the gym, clubbing and reading

Ronald Product Owner

Why did you start working at YOM?

I have previously worked as a Product Owner at other companies, including in digital education. The reason I went here, is because here is a combination of all kinds of things I am interested in: gaming, virtual worlds, crypto, web3, pixel streaming. Conversely, I find that my knowledge and experience in those areas comes in extremely handy on top of my professional experience!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of my free time working on music, both discovering new bands and producing tracks myself. I really like the engineering side: the arrangement, the mixing and the master. In addition, I’ve been a solid gamer since a young age. I’ve been running around in virtual worlds a lot and in recent years have become very interested in retro gaming, including tinkering with old Game Boys. You can also arrange music on old game boys, which comes full circle! 

Rohan React Engineer

Why did you start working at YOM?

YOM is a startup and I love the daily hustle and bustle in startup’s, each day you face a new challenge and learn a lot. The team is awesome, welcoming, dynamic and fun to work with 👍
Of course, it is a great product to work on 🙂

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play F1 game, Cricket, and love to spend time with my family, specially my 4-year-old son.

Jeroen Community Lead

Why did you start working at YOM?

It’s quite rare that you find a project that is so right about where the future is taking us. Just like when the mobile phone or the internet were born. Back then, at the start of everything, 99% of the people didn’t realize that it would change their lives. I believe that the Metaverse will pay a bigger part in our lives than the mobile phone or the internet has ever played. And I want to be a part of it right from the start!  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of outdoor sports, such as kitesurfing, surfing and running. 

We co-create Meta reality Jorrit – CTO & Co-Founder

Contract possibilities

First, you’ll receive a contract for 6 months. Then we strive to give you a permanent contract.

Application process

I will first invite you for an introduction. We find it important that you are a good match with our company culture and with the team. In the same conversation, we will then go into more detail about the position. We then strive to come up with a proposal at the end of this conversation!


Product Owner
  1. 1 Introduction with me
  2. 2 More technical details about the position
  3. 3 Proposal!

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Unreal Engine Developer

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