Senior Product Owner

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Senior Product Owner

  • icon-marker Created with Sketch. Actief in Amersfoort
  • icon-clock Created with Sketch. Full-time
  • Experience in Jira
  • You are able to work with complex responsibilities
  • You have a relevant IT background
  • You have a good command of the English language
  • You can work well together in a team
  • You are a technical communicator
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Salary €6.000-€7.000 (depending on your experience)
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. 25 vacation days
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Opportunities for continued development
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Your home office will be facilitated by us
  • icon-dot Created with Sketch. Opportunity to develop, own initiatives, lots of freedom and responsibility
  • 40% Product backlog management
  • 30% Communicate and consult
  • 30% Competitive analysis and development
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As Product owner, you will be responsible for the ongoing development and management of our Milkymap platform, a SAAS platform. You play a crucial role in bringing together customer needs, market trends and technical capabilities to effectively manage the roadmap, backlog and sprints.

In this role, you are the primary point of contact for customers and maintain close contact with them to ensure the platform is running optimally. You listen to their feedback, gather information on UX issues, bugs and new feature requests, and translate these into valuable insights for platform development.

Together with the management team, you establish the roadmap and set priorities based on customer needs and market trends. You manage the backlog, selecting items from historical and recent requests and ensuring that the right functionality is developed and implemented.

You will work closely with developers and UX designers to make decisions and choices regarding the development of the platform. Although you do not need to be a developer, an IT background is essential to communicate and collaborate effectively with the development team. You understand the technical aspects and can discuss and validate solutions and off-the-shelf products with the team.

As Product Owner, you act as a key link between customers, the development team and external stakeholders. You communicate effectively, build relationships and ensure everyone is involved in the product development process. You take responsibility for the ongoing development of the Milkymap platform and contribute to the success of the product by thinking customer-focused, managing the roadmap and collaborating with various stakeholders.

  1. 1 Responsible for managing team backlog and execution work.
  2. 2 Collaborating with management on roadmap and priorities
  3. 3 Decision-making and validation with development team
“As Product Owner, you play a crucial role in bringing together customer needs, market trends, and technical capabilities to effectively manage the roadmap, backlog, and sprints.”

Olf & Danny


You will have unlimited opportunities for growth and development. Whether you aspire to excel in visual design, harness your coding prowess, or dive into the world of data modelling, the possibilities are boundless. You also have the opportunity to move into Product management at a more strategic level. Your journey to success is defined by your passions and ambitions.


Werken bij MilkyMap

At Milkymap, we offer you the opportunity to improve the customer experience management and be part of a company that is loved by both customers and employees. Our unique approach, based on people-centricity and design, allows us to gather insights through empathy and put employees in the customer’s shoes.

Using Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design thinking, Milkymap identifies bottlenecks in business processes. This enables them to deliver superior customer experiences and ultimately generate sustainable business growth. But we go beyond just delivering software licences. We are involved in the implementation of our own product and can translate our expertise into practical solutions. We are a software company that combines IT and consulting to help organisations succeed with our SAAS platform.

We are proud of our diversity and our team consists of people from different nationalities and cultures. We believe it is important to see things from different perspectives and are open to new cultures and ideas. Besides working on challenging projects, we also provide a great working environment at Milkymap. We like to work in a friendly atmosphere and environment where people can meet. We always have lunch together in the office and regularly organise team days and sessions, where we enjoy good food together. We believe it is important to offer our employees something extra and strive to be the most fun place to work.

At Milkymap, it’s all about the customer and we would love to get you involved with our team. Together, we can take the customer experience management to new heights. Together, let’s be the common thread for the customer and connect the dots.

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icon-globe Created with Sketch. Operating worldwide
icon-marker-2 Created with Sketch. Headquarters in Amersfoort
11 employees
Founded in 2017
icon-age Created with Sketch. Average age 40 years
icon-sex Created with Sketch. 20% female 80% male
We are proud of our diversity and our team consists of people from different nationalities and cultures.


Are you excited by our mission and are you the Product Owner we are looking for? We would love to welcome you. When you join us, you will start with a one-year contract with a one-month trial period.


After receiving your application at Milkymap, we will invite you for an online introductory interview with Olf. During this interview, we want to assess whether there is a mutual click and a good match.

If the first interview is positive, a second interview with Olf and Danny will follow, also online. This interview is designed to go deeper into your background, skills and experiences. We want to see if you fit with our team and company culture. If both the interview with olf and the interview with Danny are successful and there is a good match, we’ll not hesitate to make you an offer you can’t refuse right away.



Olf & Danny

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Senior Product Owner

MilkyMap — Amersfoort


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